Diary entryDiary entry
View of Sampling Site 1
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Scientist samples Danube phytoplankton upstream from the Iller River
Checking equipment on the Argus
Checking the maps for the first sampling point
Location map

The sampling begins!The sampling begins!

Location: Upstream Iller, Germany
Today, the JDS2 International Team began work at the first of the 97 sampling sites. The first site, at the river kilometer 2600 (from where the Danube meets its Delta), is situated upstream of the Iller River. As the route was not navigable for the Argus ship, cars took the scientists to the site and back, three hours each way. The experts worked on macrophytes, benthic invertebrates, phytobenthos, phytoplankton, microbiology and water chemistry.

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  • After the Regensburg launch on August 14, the JDS2 Scientific Team set out for sampling station 2 in Kelheim on the Danube. This would be the first sampling stop for the Argus scientific ship.

  • Early in the morning of the 27th, the ships went through a three-hour border check before passing again back into Romania from Ukraine.
  • Today, exactly 1206 km from where the Danube meets the Black Sea (and the end of the survey), the Core Team opened a bottle of fine Serbian brandy (rakija travarica), celebrating the successf
  • The official launch of JDS2 was held today with a press conference in Regensburg, Germany, and the international distribution of a press release.

  • After a late arrival at Sampling Station 4 in Deggendorf, and late night discussions about reasons for the delays from the first few days, the expedition was finally coming up to speed.