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Not enough room for the Széchényi to pass

Széchényi held up in DeggendorfSzéchényi held up in Deggendorf

Increased water levels resulting from heavy rains caused the JDS2 cargo and accomodation ship Széchényi to stop today at Deggendorf, Germany, about 70 km downstream from the JDS2 launch at Regensburg. The ship had been travelling upstream from Hungary and had trouble passing under a railway bridge near Deggendorf.

Furthermore, water experts were concerned that the water level might later fall during the JDS2 cruise down the Danube, causing the Széchényi to not continue down the Danube (i.e. to be grounded). As a result, the JDS2 coordinator and German national coordinator agreed to keep the ship at Deggendorf, to rejoin the other two JDS2 ships as they pass by. Until then, the crew will only carry the most necessary materials during upstream stops, to return to the Széchényi when needed, and for sleep.  

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