Diary entryDiary entry
ship load aug8.jpg
Loading the Argus
ship handshake aug8.jpg
International cooperation in action
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First meeting of the captains of Argus and Széchényi in Vienna
Storing the equipment beneath the ship decks

Loading up the shipsLoading up the ships

From August 5 to 7, the laboratory ship Argus, and cargo carrier and sleeping base ship Széchényi, were loaded up with four truckloads of scientific equipment, sampling vessels and consumables in Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Their next big stop is Linz, Austria where they will install an air-lift sampler. Then it's off to Regensburg for the launch next week.

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  • After the Regensburg launch on August 14, the JDS2 Scientific Team set out for sampling station 2 in Kelheim on the Danube. This would be the first sampling stop for the Argus scientific ship.

  • Increased water levels resulting from heavy rains caused the JDS2 cargo and accomodation ship Széchényi to stop today at Deggendorf, Germany, about 70 km downstream from the JDS2 launch

  • Press Conference

    "The expedition is very rich in new data," said JDS2 Core Team Leader Béla Csányi. "We're finding animals never found before.

  • After a late arrival at Sampling Station 4 in Deggendorf, and late night discussions about reasons for the delays from the first few days, the expedition was finally coming up to speed.
  • On most days, the JDS2 team completes sampling at three stations.