Diary entryDiary entry
Duckweed carpet nearby Tisa mouth.jpg
Duckweed carpet near the Tisa mouth
Tick layer of duckweed at the mouth of Tisa.jpg
Difficult navigation through the duckweed
Birds on Argus.jpg
Feathered friends taking a free ride on the Argus
Approaching Belgrade.jpg
Aproaching Belgrade in the evening
Location map

Half-way there!Half-way there!

Location: Downstream Tisa/Upstream Sava - Belegis, Serbia
Today, exactly 1206 km from where the Danube meets the Black Sea (and the end of the survey), the Core Team opened a bottle of fine Serbian brandy (rakija travarica), celebrating the successful completion of the first half of the survey! The exact spot was between Sampling Station 49 (Tisa) and 50 (Downstream Tisa/ Upstream Sava - Belegis) in Serbia. The moment marked the end of traveling down half of the river, and half of the work devoted to sampling and on-board analyses. It was also a moment when everyone forgot about the really bad weather that was now with them, gave a big smile and took a sip of brandy.

Beyond that moment, the heavy rain, which had begun the day before, still plagued them. The JDS2 Team was still exhausted from processing yesterday's samples for delivery which lasted until 22:00. Nonetheless, sampling was completed at Station 48 (Upstream Tisa), and then at and downstream from the mouth of the Tisa River with the Danube.  

At the Tisa mouth, one of the JDS2 small boats almost became stuck in a beautiful carpet of green - a thick layer of duckweed stretched over some three km of Tisa waters. This was the second time that the Team had observed such a site during the survey, the first having been at the Moson - Danube arm in Hungary.

The ships landed in Belgrade in the evening, where the Sava Survey Team was waiting to download their samples taken from the Sava River for analysis. The Team then got ready for the public event in Belgrade for the next day, where they will meet the rest of the Serbian National Team, media and other guests, take a rest, and of course, prepare for the second half of the Danube.

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  • The highlight on September 6 was the press conference in Serbia's capital city on the Danube, Belgrade.
  • Early September 7, after saying dovidjenja (goodbye) to Belgrade, the JDS2 sampled one of the Danube's most important tributaries, the Sava River (Station 51), as well as Danube stretches
  • Monday September 3 proved to be a particularly successful day. While only two sampling sites were planned, the JDS2 ships completed three, thanks largely to smooth passage between Croatia and Serbia.
  • The Danube is the most famous river. Then there are the hundreds of other rivers that flow into the Danube, resulting in the ‘Danube River Basin' covering an enormous area of Europe.
  • The JDS2 Fish Team continued to have their share of adventures from September 7 to 14, between Belgrade and Lom, Bulgaria.