Austrian JDS4 sampling activities got started at the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism's sampling station, close to the border between Austria and Slovakia. Water is pumped from the Danube into the sampling station, and on into the container where measurements are made in short intervals - mostly every 15 minutes – measuring water level and discharge, nitrogen, phosphorus, and oxygen levels, and much more. The data is then used in the national evaluation of water quality and in the Transnational Monitoring Network of the ICPDR. The station will also be visited with the ORASECOM delegation during the JDS4. 

JDS4 sampling site 9 at Klosterneuburg in Lower Austria, upstream of the ferry (Rollfähre). Water levels were quite high on the day of sampling in early June, and the gravel bar at the shore was completely inundated, as visible in the image below.


Below: Vinzenz Bammer holding a  zander (Sander lucioperca) on the Danube at Oberloiben, Lower Austria (Date: 2019-07-22)