Fish cards

The more than 70 species of fish in the Danube are well adapted to the specific environment of aquatic ecosystems. Some species in the Danube live near the bottom of the river, while others prefer to be in the shelter of water plants near the banks, swim in fast-flowing waters, or prefer slow- flowing zones. Different species have different sizes and diets, and different migration abilities and spawning needs.

These cards provide information about the characteristics of selected species. Due to a variety of pressures on aquatic habitats, many of our Danube fish are endangered. On each card, the status of the fish species on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( is given. Fish are therefore ideal indicators of the ecological quality of the ecosystem – the diversity and biomass of the total fish community show the ecological quality of the waterbody. For this reason fish are one of the biological quality elements defined in the Water Frame- work Directive of the European Union (WFD), together with invertebrates, water plants, algae and plankton.


  • application/pdf JDS4 Fish Cards (EN) (29.36 MB)
    A compressed PDF version of the JDS4 Fish Cards (English version). These contain information on the various fish families and species of the Danube River Basin.
  • application/pdf JDS4 Fish Cards (DE) (27.36 MB)
    Eine komprimierte PDF-Version der JDS4-Fischkarten (DE). Diese enthalten Informationen zu den verschiedenen Fischfamilien und Arten des Donaubeckens.