“On behalf of the ICPDR and its 14 members countries, plus the European Union, we are excited to offer sponsorship opportunities to support the international Joint Danube Survey 4. The Joint Danube Survey is a cooperation among the member states that comprise the ICPDR to engage communities, governments, and businesses in the process of conducting one of the most thorough and technologically advanced surveys of water in the world.

With each country set to manage its own activities, there will be more individual events, over a greater span of time, and involving more people. As a result, marketing opportunities are expected to reach more people over more time, adding more value for sponsors.

Our partners benefit from:

  • Engagement with hundreds of influential and engaged experts, representing the water sector in river basin management from countries all over the Danube River Basin
  • Local, regional, and international exposure throughout the entire life of the survey;
  • The chance to share your institution’s/organization’s know-how and expertise and be an inspiration to other partners
  • Involvement in progress and content to ensure your work is showcased.

The partnership also provides unrivalled opportunities to build relationships, share knowledge, collaborate and obtain leads for future partnerships. We look forward to welcoming you as a partner.”

-- Péter Kovács, ICPDR 2019 President



Our partners 


viadonau is the leading international waterway operators in the Danube region. They provide a variety of services and expertise for a variety of businesses and citizens throughout the river region. viadonau is also one of the key obvservers of the ICPDR.

The long term goal of Pure Water for Generations is protecting the quality and quantity of water in streams and refers, lakes and seas, as well as in the earth (groundwater) – for generations.

Patagonia is a clothing company specialising in outdoor clothing – and since JDS4 takes place in the widely varying climates of the Danube River Basin, we've teamed up with them to provide ample protection against the elements for our many sampling teams out in the field.

Coca-Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company. They've been spreading producing and delivering soft drinks of the highest quality consistently since 1981.
In 2018 they sold 2.2 billion unit cases, reaching more than 600 million people in 28 countries across three continents.