Here (left) you can see Branislav and his team setting up gear for JDS4 by Wasserwirtschaftsamt Deggendorf on the day of the 24th May 2019.





Here on the German section of the Inn tributary, you can see Nikoforos (of the Environmental Institute in Kos, SK) and Jörg (from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ in Leipzig) taking the final samplings in Germany on Monday 1st July, right by the Jochenstein. This sampling site is situated on the little island between the hydropower plant and the lock mainly used by tourist cruising boats – so all the equipment has to be transported 500 metre using elevators in the power plant building etc. "But it's worth the pain," the group assure us. "Here you get perfect samples from the middle of the Danube.

"At the moment the Inn is bringing a lot of suspended material to the Danube. Thus, the Danube water shows a little dirty brown-grey colour here. Not very attractive for a swim, but the team is here for work anyhow!"