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Commandos or JDS2 Fish Team?
Serbian biologist Momir Paunovic checks his night catch of invasive macrozoobenthos species
Collecting macrozoobenthos samples near Bratislava
Journalists prepare for the Bratislava press conference
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Bratislava press conferenceBratislava press conference

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Today's highlight was the press conference held in Bratislava, Slovakia's capital. Considered by the JDS2 team to be the best yet, the press conference attracted many journalists and film cameras, both in the historical building of the Slovak Ministry of Environment and on-board. The news even hit Slovakia's main state-run evening TV news show for five minutes!

After a relaxed dinner in the city's Old Town centre, the return back to the Argus coincided with a scene from ‘Mission Impossible'. At midnight, a rubber boat sped toward the Argus with what appeared to be a commando-like crew with lamps on their heads. As it turned out, the Fish Team had just finished some late-night electro-fishing upstream from Bratislava, and Fish Team Leader Christian Wiesner jumped on-board, greeted the team, grabbed some documents and whisked away again into the starry night bound toward the Piscius. Never a dull moment!

Only one station (#16) was sampled today downstream from Bratislava.

See the press conference information in Slovak

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  • On August 22, the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic held a press conference in Bratislava related to JDS2.

  • It was a late start from Vienna this morning, but well worth it.

  • On Saturday morning (September 1), the JDS2 had an extensive check-up by Hungarian Customs and Immigration at the Hungarian-Croatian border.
  • The official launch of JDS2 was held today with a press conference in Regensburg, Germany, and the international distribution of a press release.

  • Early in the morning on Sunday September 23, the JDS2 ships left Harsova, Romania with an ambitious plan to sample four sites in one day.