Diary entryDiary entry
Team Leader Béla Csányi fills in lab protocols
Széchényi leaves the lock for Melk
Dürstein, Wachau in the evening sun
Sampling for macrozoobenthos
Catching some rays on the Argus
Vienna here we come!
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More fridges and smooth sailing More fridges and smooth sailing

Location: Klosterneuburg, Austria

120 river km, four locks and three sampling stations - this was the ambitious goal set for August 18. After leaving Linz in the morning, the expedition passed the first lock at Abwinden/Asten (Sampling Station 8), the beautiful scenery of the Strudengau river valley and Sampling Station 9 at Ybbs/Persenbeug. At Station 9, airlifting sediment samples proved difficult on the river's steep banks. Later near Melk, the Széchényi arrived exactly at the same time as the only cruise ship of the afternoon, making for a complicated double-docking for the Captain. Then it was on toward Krems, passing through the famous Wachau wine and river valley, along the way sampling at Station 10 at Oberloiben. Earlier on, realizing that the cooling capacity for samples was running out, Austrian Team coordinator Mr. Wolfgang Rodinger and JDS2 Technical Coordinator Jaroslav Slobodnik made a quick car dash to the city of St. Pölten to purchase two large and 17 small portable refrigerators.

The next day, after finally catching up on some much-needed sleep, the crew was greeted by beautiful sunshine in Stein/Donau near Krems. Sampling Stations 11 and 12 at the dam in Greifenstein and then Klosterneuburg proved problem-free, each sampled within two hours. For the first time, core team members also had a chance to truly enjoy the landscape, update their laboratory protocols, organise sampling procedures, prepare the ships for the next day's press conference in Vienna, and swim in the crisp 19°C Danube waters.

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  • After a late arrival at Sampling Station 4 in Deggendorf, and late night discussions about reasons for the delays from the first few days, the expedition was finally coming up to speed.
  • Monday September 3 proved to be a particularly successful day. While only two sampling sites were planned, the JDS2 ships completed three, thanks largely to smooth passage between Croatia and Serbia.
  • After the Regensburg launch on August 14, the JDS2 Scientific Team set out for sampling station 2 in Kelheim on the Danube. This would be the first sampling stop for the Argus scientific ship.

  • On the evening of Sept.12, the JDS2 enjoyed a nice dancing event in Turnu Severin followed by the late-night packing of over two hundred samples -- preparing them for transport to the JDS2 labs the ne
  • The Danube is the most famous river. Then there are the hundreds of other rivers that flow into the Danube, resulting in the ‘Danube River Basin' covering an enormous area of Europe.