Officials and the press visiting the vessel laboratories 2.jpg
Officials and the press visit the vessel laboratories

Turnu Severin press release/conferenceTurnu Severin press release/conference

On September 12, a press conference was held in Turnu Severin, Romania. Download the Romanian press release here.

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  • Visit the website of the Romanian Administration 'Apele Romania' for a full listing of media coverage of the press conference and events held in Turnu Severin, Romania on September 12.
  • On September 27, a final press conference was held in Tulcea, Romania. A final press release marking the end of the JDS2 was distributed internationally on September 28.
  • A press conference was held in Vilkovo, Ukraine on September 25. Download the Ukrainian press release, written by the Danube Biosphere Reserve, here.
  • A press conference was held at the Hungarian Ministry of Environment and Water on August 28 13:00 in Budapest.
  • On September 2, a press conference was held in Osijek, Croatia, by the Drava River, a tributary of the Danube River. Download the Croatian press release here.