Diary entryDiary entry
Small church on the Romanian coast.jpg
Small church on Romania's Danube coast
Passing the gorge.jpg
Passing through the gorge
Fortress of Golubovac.jpg
Fortress of Golubovac
Entering the cave.jpg
Entering one of the many caves
Tabula Traiana.jpg
Tabula Traiana
Decebalus Rex Dragan Fecit.jpg
Decebalus Rex Dragan Fecit
Location map

Navigating the gorgeNavigating the gorge

Location: Iron Gate Reservoir, Romania

Early on the morning of the 10th, the JDS2 passed over the Serbian border and into Romania and was joined by the Romanian National Team. Continuing the survey on one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube along the border between Serbia and Romania, Stations 60 (Iron Gate Reservoir) and 61 (Donji Milanovac) were sampled. Heading toward the town of Orsava for the night, the ships witnessed spectacular places such as the 120 meter deep Veliki Kazan gorge, which they had a chance to visit for a while, and many small caves. The photos taken from there really are worth a thousand words each.

Later that evening, the Romanian National Team brought good weather and a refreshing atmosphere, and helped with sample processing... until about midnight.

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  • After waking up in Orsova, Romania this morning (Sept.11), the JDS2 team went on to sample Station 62, another site in the Iron Gate reservoir.
  • The JDS2 will soon arrive at its final destination in Tulcea, Romania, after many days in Romanian waters. Above the water, Romanian scientists have been extremely active since the survey began.
  • The JDS2 Fish Team continued to have their share of adventures from September 7 to 14, between Belgrade and Lom, Bulgaria.
  • The Danube is the most famous river. Then there are the hundreds of other rivers that flow into the Danube, resulting in the ‘Danube River Basin' covering an enormous area of Europe.
  • Monday September 3 proved to be a particularly successful day. While only two sampling sites were planned, the JDS2 ships completed three, thanks largely to smooth passage between Croatia and Serbia.