Radoslav Cuban

What did you study, when, where and most importantly: why?

I have studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava at the Department of Surveying (1998 - 2003). After my studies, I started to work at the Water Research Institute, Department of Hydrology and Hydraulics. I focused on the river bed morphology, especially on the cross section measurements, volume of the reservoirs assessment, specialized measurements of the river bed parameters.

What will your role be on board of the JDS3 ships?

I will be responsible for hydromorphological sampling and measurements

Why is this important? What can we learn?

By the measuring of the river bed characteristics (depth, velocities, slopes, discharges, river bed materials, suspended sediments) we can obtain useful information on the river bed morphology and also support information for other groups in JDS3.

What is an important gain from JDS3 specifically for your country of origin?

For Slovakia the most important gain is to cooperate in international team of specialists from other countries along the River Danube. In such complex research we achieve reliable results for many fields of the water management.

What are you looking forward to regarding the JDS3?

I am looking forward to the new experiences, people, cities I never saw before, Iron Gate and of course Delta of the Danube River. I will improve my skills and abilities in measurements on bigger sections of Danube River that we have in Slovakia.