Martin Dokulil

What did you study, when, where and most importantly: why?

I studied Botany and Zoology (Biology) at the University Vienna

What will your role be on board of the JDS3 ships?

I will be responsible for all aspects of phytoplankton. We will study species diversity, abundances, biomass and chlorophyll-a concentration. These investigations will be augmented by water temperature, Secchi-depth and light conditions both incoming and under-water.

Why is this important? What can we learn?

Phytoplankton in rivers is one of several variables indicating water quality. Species composition, abundance and biomass of assemblages are key determinants for the EU Water Framework Directive to estimate the ecological status of the river, in this case the Danube. In addition, information is provided about pollution and fundamental behaviour of algal species in rivers.

What is an important gain from JDS3 specifically for your country of origin?

For Austria as one of the upstream countries, knowledge about the river water quality is important not only for the country itself, but also for the quality we provide to downstream countries.

What are you looking forward to regarding the JDS3?

Having been on board during JDS2 in 2007 perhaps the most important thing besides science is the team work and cooperation of members from many Danubian countries fostering understanding each other and hence peace.