Jan Busovsky

What did you study, when, where and most importantly: why?

I studied Landscape Water Management at Faculty of Civil Engineering at Slovak University of Technology. I finished in 2006. The topic of my thesis was “Revitalisation of Watercourses”, which is global and important trend in the area of modification of the rivers and aquatic habitats.

What will your role be on board of the JDS3 ships?

I´ll be responsible for hydro – morphological river research, sampling, measurement and documentation of the hydro-morphological  parameters.

Why is this important? What can we learn?

River morphology and hydrology are an important factors in the area of every water research and it can tell us a lot about the manner and development of each river. Last but not least, this detection serve as important support knowledges by te other scientific methods for complex and overall analysis of the streams.  

What is an important gain from JDS3 specifically for your country of origin?

The river Danube is fascinating river with unusual variousness. Knowledges and expieriences obtained from whole area of Danube river as well as international cooperation can be helpful to mutual enrichment of all participating countries. For my home country it is really important step. 

What are you looking forward to regarding the JDS3?

I look forward to pleasant colleagues from the other countries, new expieriences and get to know and see many beautiful places on the Danube river. I can´t wait for the vocational discussion after all day work, surrounded by the river and watching sundown, drinking beer. I look forward to come back home full of new expieriences and knowledges, glad that our work wasn´t wastefull.