Florentina Dumitrache

What did you study, when, where and most importantly: why?

I studied chemistry with a focus on environmental pollution and wastewater treatment at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemical Industry (Romania) from 1999 to 2004.  I specialised on analytical examination of environmental quality and de-pollution techniques. I chose to work in this field because I wanted to better understand the daily problems of the environment and how they can be solved.

What will your role be on board of the JDS3 ships?

I will be responsible for on-board analyses of the physico-chemical quality elements and also for sample preservation of the physico-chemical quality elements for laboratory analyses. For on-board analyses, we will use a multiparameter that will measure in the same time all four physico-chemical quality elements and chlorophyll a. In reservoirs chlorophyll a it will be measured in depth profile.

Why is this important? What can we learn?

General physico-chemical quality elements analysed on board (water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity) can provide information on physical and biochemical processes that control the production and decomposition of organic matter in the water body. These processes also influence the fate and pathways of both organic and inorganic priority substances in the aquatic ecosystems.Through laboratory analysis is intended to identify specific substances Danube and testing new methods of analysis.

What is an important gain from JDS3 specifically for your country of origin?

Besides the scientific values, JDS3 has a major contribution to disseminating information on water quality not only to the citizens of Romania, my country of origin, but to the citizens of all the Danube countries. I hope that JDS3 will help to raise public concern for water protection issues in my home country. JDS3 will provide valuable support to Romania in her national status assessments and will provide also a unique dataset for river basin management planning at the basin-wide level due to the comparability of the results.

What are you looking forward to regarding the JDS3?

JDS3 is the first expedition in which I’m participating, and I’m absolutely sure that after that between Core Team Members will friendships bound. I'm sure there will be a lot of work, but the places we go and we will see will compensate. Teamwork will lead to JDS3 good development.

Anything else? Something important you think should be mentioned on your profile?

I’m dedicated to my family and to my work. I’m excited to be part of this international team