Fact Sheets

The "JDS3 Fact Sheets" are a series of eight publications of approximately three to four pages each, the fact sheets provide in-depth information on specific topics or aspects of JDS3. While the "JDS 3 Flyer" provides an overview on JDS3 for the general public, the fact sheets target an audience with a deeper, more technical interest.

Fact Sheet 1 is on the scientific objectives of JDS3; Fact Sheet 2 explains how JDS3 is embedded into the legal environment created by the EU Water Framework Directive and the River Basin Management in the Danube Basin; Fact Sheets 3, 4, 5 and 6 are dedicated to the four "Significant Water Management Issues" (organic, nutriend and hazardous substance pollution as well as hydromorphological alterations); Fact Sheet 7 explains how the ICPDR and its contracting parties work on monitoring, assessment and other "metering" exercises at and around the Danube; and Fact Sheet 8 looks at JDS history and how other regions in the world have modelled research expeditions after the Joint Danube Surveys.