JDS4 Events



The official kick-off for JDS4 is going to take place in Budapest this year, opening the Danube-wide survey with an afternoon press conference held in the heart of the Hungarian capital, in the presence of the deputy mayor of Budapest, the Hungarian State Secretary for the Interior, and others.

Capacity is limited, so registration is mandatory. Any interested visitors should please be sure to email ahead of time.

Details of how to reach/participate in the event are: 

JDS4 Launch Event

27th June 2019, Margitsziget / Margaret Island, Budapest
Margitsziget (Margaret island)

NB: Transport will be provided from:
Hotel Aquincum, Árpád fejedelem útja 94., H-1036 Budapest
Shuttle departure: 14:00pm – 16:00pm

Ida Nagyné Sós


Austria will officially launch JDS4 at the beginning of July 2019, with a high-level Press Activity held in Vienna.

  • For the occasion Austria will be presenting the JDS4 for journalists and the interested public. The aim is to raise awareness of JDS4 and Danube issues, bringing to the forefront the most pressing issues facing this vital natural resource.
  • Online coverage with strong focus on Social Media will also be launched concurrently, with ongoing updates, news, unique stories, and pictures or videos from the JDS4.
  • The story will be also covered in the August issued of Austrian magazine “Biorama”.
  • Austria will also be acting as promoter for a new set of “Fish-Cards”, a printed JDS4 product created in order to raise public interest in fish-species of the Danube.

Susanne Brandstetter

Czech Republic

This 20th June 2019, the Open Door Day of the Water Research Institute in Prague will be organised from 9:00- 17:00. This event will be used to kick-off JDS4 in the Czech Republic. The event will include a lecture and Q&A session about JDS4, as well as some takeaway materials available to any and all interested members of the public.

Veronika Matuszná


JDS4 this year in Ukraine goes hand in hand with Danube Day. It will be taking place on 29th of June in Kiliya (the Danube Delta).

Activities planned for the day include:

  • Joint sampling of Danube water for non-target chemical screening, ecological DNA and microplastic and on-job training for Ukrainian water managers;
  • A press conference on the new WFD-compliant surface water monitoring system in Ukraine (featuring members of the JDS4 expert team, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Agency of Water Resources, EU Delegation to Ukraine, EUWI+ project, EMBLAS-Plus project and others);
  • Joint celebrations with the Danube Day and Danube Herring Festivals! This is due to include a presentation of the Danube Passport, Danube Art Master, and a traditional fish soup tasting. 

Special thanks from the Ukrainian JDS4 team to their partners:

  • EU project “Water Initiative+”;
  • State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine;
  • EU/ UNDP project “Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea” (EMBLAS-Plus);
  • Kiliya local authorities.

Olena Marushevska


This year, Bavarians will be celebrating JDS4 in conjunction with Danube Day (29th June) in close partnership with their Austrian neighbours. The festivities will be taking place at the “Haus am Strom” in Untergriesbach – right near the Austro-German border in Jochenstein (a short journey from Passau).

Thore Gauda


For this year's JDS4, Romania is planning the following activities:

  • An article about JDS4 will be published in a special edition of the magazine "Hidrotehnica" also dedicated to the Danube Day 2019;
  • Danube Day celebrations on 20 June will also be an opportunity to shwo-case JDS4 actions.

In terms of press coverage, many activities are planned in Romania:

  • on 27th June the Romanian Ministry of Waters and Forests will publish a press release released on national media channels presenting JDS4 to the general public; 
  • Another press information will be circulated on 20 July, on 26th August, a special press release will cover the first results of the microplastic analysis from the Giurgiu sampling area;
  • On 15 September, an additional press release on national media channels will cover the 5 months (April-September) special monitoring of microplastics carried our in the Galați section.

Simona Marcusohn


JDS4 is to be launched in Slovakia at the site of the Gabčíkovo–Nagymaros Dams.

In Slovakia, JDS4 is expected to launch – along with Danube Day 2019's Celebration – with an event taking place on 22nd June 2019, at the Gabčíkovo Water Dam.

  • Researchers participating in the JDS4 project will be present and give information about the JDS event to members of the public.
  •  JDS4 will be further promoted on 27th June within the Danube Day 2019 celebrations organized by the Ministry of Environment SR (promotion on ships during cruises on the Danube).
  • The story of the Joint Danube Survey is also going to be covered in the press, along with a short summary published in the journal for water managers: “Vodohospodársky spravodajca”.

Tomas Hajdin